Sea Foam

June 5, 2015

You can’t get away with a sea-foam-colored condo in too many places. Sea foam as a condo color–apartment, or house–may only work when your place is near the ocean.

I saw it work really well on the Florida panhandle, in a place called Seaside, near the white sands of Fort Walton Beach and Destin. A trip east sometime in the 80s. All pastels–in the soft, humid air of the gulf.  It was just lovely.

Here’s a picture (I didn’t take it, found it on a Google image search):

seaside house

Their paths to the beach were pretty charming, too (I also did not take this, though remember taking a similar shot):


I bring this up because I came across a sea-form-colored condo along the Esplanade in Redondo Beach this afternoon…


I love this color.

And here’s its beach view. The fog is in the end stages of lifting and everything is soft and sea-foamy. It’s perfect.


Anyway, we’re (I’m) contemplating house colors for a someday paint job on our valley home. I like sea-foam, but I think it belongs at the beach.

We shall see.

(Wish I could bottle that air.)

4 Responses to “Sea Foam”

  1. Chris Smith Says:

    Most coincidentally, I lived in that very apartment in the 80’s on Esplanade just south of Avenue I (middle floor in the back). Back then, it did not have the upper deck connecting the two sections, and it was Sea Cloud white with white(!) carpeting (a novelty to me). I wonder if the carpeting has been “upgraded” to match?

  2. aquasoul Says:

    If you like the color, then I think it belongs anywhere! This said, of course, from someone who paints dogs blue – and that kind of thing.

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