Baggers’ Banquet

June 1, 2015

It was a very perfect evening for an end-of-year baseball banquet, must say. It was held at the home of Ian’s grandparents in one of Woodland’s historic downtown neighborhoods. The backyard was massive–large enough to serve and seat about 100-125 people under large easy-ups, ample enough for a large boulder-bordered pool and spa, with tons of room left over for multiple games of whiffle baseball. And I don’t even know what was in the fourth quadrant of the yard. It was just huge. And pretty, shady, full of flowers….

….. and baseball players. Lots and lots of them (it was both the varsity and junior varsity banquets).

The coaches made presentations and told stories about all the players. Of course, it was a sports banquet. They gave out certificates, awards, pins and letters. As you do.

Below are some of my mediocre iPhone pics and one great Wes Young black/white photo (again, Wes to the rescue). This first one includes a portion of the varsity squad: Peter, Drew, Q, Ray, Brendan, Ian, Tyler, Walker #1, Daniel, Walker #2, Mason, Solly, Jared, Ryan and Kris.


Here are Coaches Robbie, Kenner and Ariola performing ceremonial duties, …Nate and Walter looking on:


Here’s Peter getting his. I liked Ariola’s comments about Peter:  “threw some good innings for us,” “hard worker,” “will get a lot of innings this summer,” stuff like that. Kenner left, Ariola right, Nate offering up a fist.


Here’s Wes’ shot.. Kris, Jared, Mort, Tyler, Peter, Solly, Mason, Ray and Ryan, most having just received their first varsity letters. Peter is now officially a letterman. Cool huh?

Varsity Banquet

Kenner presented the big awards of the night to a couple of graduating seniors, the John Riggins Most Inspirational Award to Kris Prince and the Bobby Jones MVP Award to Drew Gnos. The coaches get pretty emotional during these awards; it’s nice to see. Selected players made presentations to the coaches, which were also moving.

Nate shared his collection of sunflower seed wrappers–representing seeds opened & consumed while sitting in the dugout for his four years of high school baseball. He had 99 of these now empty package wrappers! He even created a small ceremony around the opening of the 100th package, which was kind of … unique. And very sweet.

I mean who does that?!  Nate The Great, that’s who. (Off to USC on a full academic scholarship.)

Here’s some beanbag tossing and whiffle balling (they may look like men, but they are still kids as it turns out):


I’m left feeling like this whole baseball thing is pretty damn great and an awesome experience for Peter, much better, actually, than I ever expected. Dan’s built a solid program here; grateful that we are all a part.

The ride home featured a nice full moon rising over unidentifiable baby trees: