Summer Showers

June 7, 2015

Big doings in the Peterson family.

My sweet, easy going, wise, hunk of a great guy nephew, John Edward Peterson, III and his forever girlfriend, now wife, and soon-to-be mom, the wry and witty Alexis, had the first of several baby showers for a little boy who shall be arriving in late July.


These guys are made for each other and ready to roll with whatever comes next in their charmed, always-a-riot life adventure. They are at the center of a huge network of friends and supportive family on both sides and everyone’s pick for hilarious couple most likely to take child raising to new heights. 

River will be his name (in case you thought it might be John Edward Peterson, IV).

Here are a few shots of family enjoying the afternoon:

Mom (for whom River will be her first great grandchild), man of the hour John, Bob and Silas….


Uncle Bud (90), Mom (86) and Aunt Ellie (82)…


Chris and Ryland…


Kate and Courtney…


Aunt Ellie and Diana…


No good pictures of any other family… and no picture of guest bearer of honor Alexis.

Two things I really liked about this shower besides lots of people, a beautiful day and great food: Entire families were invited to join in the pre-birth celebration, not just women. I think all three of Peter’s baby showers were coed affairs, so it’s a long standing trend, but it’s definitely welcome, after all: dads, men….def part of the greater and supportive community. And secondly, I liked that everyone was asked to bring a package of diapers. Easy to do and makes a huge dent in an expense that is not insubstantial, to be all double negativy about it.