June 26, 2015


A few victories for the good guys this week:

In the aftermath of the horrific murders of nine peaceful black worshippers at a Charleston church last week at the hands of a tragically misguided young man–a self-proclaimed white supremacist–there is a tsunami of public opinion that is leading to the removal of confederate flags all over the south. Slow at first, with a lot of initial resistance, governors are, one-by-one, announcing that they are taking them down. Even Walmart is removing all confederate-themed paraphernalia from its shelves.

Symbols matter. The flag’s gotta go and this is certainly an important symbolic gesture.

And then on Tuesday, the Supremes issued a ruling in favor of the Affordable Care Act. It was the clarification of some sloppy, ambiguous language, but has huge ramifications and most importantly, affirms, yet again, the validity of O-BAH-macare.

Oh those poor, tortured republicans.

And finally, but not least, is the decision this morning to affirm, via the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, that same sex marriage is legal in all 50 states.

Law of the Land.

Landmark Decision.

All steps in the correct (not right) direction. Hope renewed. I am feeling surprisingly relieved and grateful.

In celebration, some happy shots from around the hood, more or less:

These are very red roses in front of Jennifer’s old B&B on A Street, played with the color a little:


And of course those outrageous sunflowers at Poleline and Covell… the five minute photo shoot:

One hopes for a bit of dramatic cloud action, or the light from a stunning sunset, but today, it was just a field of yellow flowers against a flawless sky:


Did what I could….IMG_7164


It was so windy, and the sunlight so intense, it was hard to frame a close up with my iPhone. But outstanding in one’s field, even the misses are kind of neat:IMG_7166