Very lazy day catching back up, trying to coax a couple of injured body parts back to full mobility. It’s been warm, muggy and overcast, but pleasant enough.

It was also Peter’s last day of school! He is now officially a high school senior and ecstatic about it. There is just nothing like a last day of school. He was content to sit with me on the couch (well, he lay, I sat) and talk about it (which I really loved).

He had a physics final and an American literature final today. ┬áHe’s hoping (and expecting) to hang on to the grades he went into these two finals with–an A in physics and a B in english. This is in contrast to two of his other classes, which he brought up to A’s from B’s (barely, but made it) with excellent scores on his finals. He is definitely the master of the A-. He has made an art out of pulling rabbits out of hats. This mama hopes he’s learned his lesson and will apply himself earlier in the semester next time, but I’m not holding my breath.

The conversation was fun though… maybe, he said, having really studied hard for a couple of his finals this time, he thought perhaps he was getting the hang of this studying thing, and he expects that this will serve him well in college, when he doesn’t think he’ll get away with slacking (good, good..). He wanted to tell me about the problems on the physics final that were challenging (if it meant staying on the couch with him longer, I was all ears). I did okay on one of them. I wouldn’t have expected to remember much from my physics class (at UCD), but I did. Um, yay me. I saw my decrepit physics professor at the Food Coop the other day. He seemed old back in 1978.. I was a bit surprised to even recognize him. (He certainly did not know me.)

All the talk of grades and effort reminded me of the joke Jim told at dinner last night. A mom (might as well be a Davis mom) has two kids. One is her star–self-motivated, studies long and hard, earns perfect scores, concert master in the orchestra, president of numerous clubs, wins awards and academic scholarships, valedictorian. The other is a slack off–does no more and no less than what it takes to get the highest grade in all his classes.


Anyway… in honor of being home, some pictures I took last week while walking around the neighborhood talking to my mom on the phone, as I do.

It was a pretty sky day (unlike today’s)…


The flowers at the Borton’s were their usual lovely. One of my inspirations for a split rail in our front yard (not to mention we had a split rail front fence growing up, which is still there):



One of their casually tended rose bushes…


And a close up…