Fresno, Fresyes

June 27, 2015

Varsity baseball summer road trip. It’s definitely a thing.

Headed south down a very traffic-impacted Highway 99 yesterday afternoon, bound for Fresno. Passed a truck hauling skinny green things. Gadzooks!


Even though we are on the south side of Fresno in an older, industrial part of town–a town rough around more than just its edges–and even though it’s going to hover in the low hundreds today with few trees to be found and even less breeze, and even though Peter could not find the strike zone in last night’s game and feels like dog poop, and even though we are playing two more games today during the height of the heat (and one more tomorrow) in this inferno of a sprawling valley town….. ┬áthere is actually a lot to be said for a road trip with the team, and a lot of beauty to be found.

At about 8:30pm (game time 9:00), I looked up and noticed a stunning sky.

IMG_7181 IMG_7182

Here is a shot Rick M posted to Facebook. It’s actually a beautiful, incredibly modern stadium, with, yes, a few trees!


Otherwise, focus was on the game. And on keeping cool. And not sweating bullets when Peter was on the mound.