Some Funnies

March 8, 2021

Here’s a random set of funnies-of-late… all statements on the times we’re in… (the last one’s more a statement on the times that I and my aging brethren are in).

Trees in Transition

March 7, 2021

Across the street, taken on our way to brunch at Bernardo’s…

And a couple versions of the same shot, taken in the ditch this late afternoon…

The full color version:

And the B/W version…

And in other happy spring news, I noticed that my bulbs are coming up! I thought perhaps I’d lost the whole lot of them… but they (and bunches of weeds) are coming up in the backyard. Boy am I excited to see what I planted!


March 6, 2021

And yet another in the great look up series…

So, Jim and I are sitting on the edge of a cold stone planter box in the garden area of Central Park, enjoying Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning, as we do….

I throw back the last of my coffee, which, since my eyes are open, brings this into view. I almost gagged on my coffee, it was so pretty.

For the millionth time, the moral of the story is always look up. It’s probably more like: keep your eyes open, open your heart, be present to your surroundings, be grateful, life is a gift. Stuff like that. Truly, be mindful of those things and you’ll be rewarded over and over.

Speaking of life. Jim told me he found a life expectancy predictor in a New York Times article today. He completed the extensive survey — all about health and fitness practices, family history, stressors, past behaviors, basic demographic and geographic factors… etc — and learned that he will live to be 96. I’m like, whoa dude! That’s fantastic! So glad you’ll be around to feed me, clean up my messes, and detangle my confusions.

Then I completed the survey and got this:

Now who’s cleaning up whose messes?

We’re not going to be a pretty sight.. but with any luck….

I fessed up about how much candy I eat, how much wine I drink, etc.. who knows how long I’d live w/o those pleasures.

We’re going to make a new tile table. (“We,” she said.) I picked up the tiles today.

This will be the top (it’s 16″x16″):

The four surround tiles are leftover field tiles from our guest bathroom remodel a couple years ago. We had tons of this stuff and ended up giving it all to Donna the ceramic artist (whose eucalyptus-themed accent tiles we used in our bathroom), who has since been using it to design beautiful tile-top tables. And because we gave her so many tiles, she decided to thank us by giving us an arty arrangement that we could use to make our own table (including four of our original bathroom tiles!).

Donna’s also the tile artist who helped us design a coffee table for the living room.. which I can hardly take my eyes off of.

The bathroom:

The coffee table:

Anyway… the field tile surrounds a center mosaic of tiles that I just love! Here’s a close up. Eventually, we’ll bind them all together with some kind of mortar and mount them on some kind of base… wood or more likely metal. It will be an outdoor table, part of our new backyard where we hope to spend lots of time!

Neato, huh?

See? Oh! No! Thus…… (as seen in Central Park this afternoon).. they are rich and beautiful this time of year! (And yeah.. when I’m not trying to be clever: ceonothus.)

And these are my new favorite spring bloom.. aren’t they sweet?

I totally feel like things on every front are looking up…

And, boy, do I love walking into the house and seeing this view of late afternoon sun pouring through the windows..

Infrastructure Week

March 3, 2021

It’s been a good week for digital housekeeping.

Replace battery in my 6 or 7-year-old iphone: Check!

Replace battery in the 5-year-old Macbook Pro laptop: Check!

Here’s Jim fulfilling his in-house network administrator role.. so grateful. All of those flat rectangular things are parts of the battery system. Isn’t that amazing (and mysterious)?

There is always a YouTube video to guide you.. which… how on earth did we ever survive without Youtube how-to videos?

Our Rock Yard

March 2, 2021

Ruben is extremely pleased with himself. So pleased, he brought his wife and daughter to see it this evening. I’m pretty pleased, too.

I also got an email from the metal panel people in LA letting me know the panels are done and ready to be picked up. That’s what those four 4x4s will support. The tops of those 4x4s will be cut off, of course. The metal panels will be shorter than the wire screen. And then there will be a new fence on the south side. We have a few more plants to get into the ground and a large plant that will be in the copper planter… oh, and our address thingie, which will be next to the sycamore. And that ought to complete the front yard! Ruben thinks we ought to add lights. I’m sure that’s a non-starter with Jim.

Eventually, the pistache will grow and the dwarf strawberry tree.. and the flowers and scrubs will fill in. Should only get better….

(*) credit to Jim for the title.

Jim and I got Pfizer #2 at 1:30pm yesterday. The rest of the day was fine. The night was fine. The next morning was fine. I even attended a 7am leadership meeting for SD/IY and gave a 10-minute report on the successes-failures-improvements of the Comms Team: fine.

But then started feeling wonky. I thought I was just tired from a late night and early morning. Then I got super cold. Then started to feel slow. Took a hot bath to warm up, and found myself moving slower and slower. Temperature said 100.2. Had a nice conversation with Peter… but then really needed to lie down. Now temp’s up to 101.6 and the headache’s kicking in. The rest of the day was full-on flu symptoms, including a little bit of nausea.

And a sore arm.

Jim, on the other hand: nada. Which we don’t know what to make of. Usually, I sail through whatever we may have been exposed to and he’s the one who gets sick. He barely got a sore arm.


You know what I figured out? We got our second dose of vaccine on February 28. They say that 2-3 weeks from your last dose, you can expect full immunity (well, as full as you’re going to get with these vaccines) …. and that puts us in the third week of March. This is precisely the week when the threat of the virus became a thing — one year ago — the week that California began to implement safety measures and the pandemic year began. I started a pandemic journal that week. I’m still keeping it daily. This was page one:

A bit of a clumsy beginning on the documentation…. but once the page is turned, it’s one page per day and notable things are noted. As one does w/ a pandemic journal. I expect to keep it up until life has returned to normal. Mostly. We’ll see.

Number Two, Y’all!

February 28, 2021

And we’re not talking poops.

I seriously feel like we are in a rebirth. It’s spring, so there’s the traditional rebirth stuff: flowers are blooming; tree blossoms are popping all over town; the green of new leaves, new crops, and new ground cover is brighter than bright. The air is warming up, the breezes are still a little biting but feeling lighter and softer. And with our garden nearing the end of the installation & build phase, we will soon have vegetables to plant which will feel like spring as never before!

But…. in addition to that kinda annual spring excitement, there are a couple more things making this moment feel more transformational than usual.

  1. Biden. Nuff said. We are in a whole new day politically, daily news-wise, planetarily. Bring it!

And….. drumroll…

2. Vaccine regimen complete.

Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine #2 on board! Awaiting reactions… So far, 7 hours later, just a sore arm. We hear that the first shot is like boot camp, the second is like a war game with full deployment of all immunity soldiers… meaning, #1 kinda gets all the virus fighting parts in place, #2 gives them something to practice on. This is not to say that a lack of symptoms is a sign that your body will not fight when the real deal comes along (most won’t react to the second shot)… but rather it’s a warning that some people will react and if you’re one of those you shouldn’t be alarmed. So… we’re waiting to see which camp we’re in .

All that aside: incredibly, deep-breathingly happy to be vaccinated. Eager to mingle masklessly with other vaccinated folks!


February 27, 2021

Here’s a stealthy little shot from this late afternoon … Jim in his happy place:

Every day. Hours on end. Projects, making stuff, taking care of whatever business there is to take care of.

Did I mention it might make it harder to travel? And by travel, I mean leaving town.. not just for a week or two, but for a day, or any late afternoon. And not just leaving town… leaving A Street. We may have to reinvent travel for ourselves.