One to Watch

April 10, 2021

This little pistol’s gonna be fun to keep an eye on in the years to come….

And while I’m promoting Alexis’s gorgeous photography, here’s another she posted today.. a beach scene from earlier in the week. Juni looks to have no problems keeping up with her older brother and sister…

Cutting it Close

April 9, 2021

As the mom, I think he’s cute no matter the length or style of his hair. That said, after about 8 1/2 months, the boy cut his hair and I must say, it looks pretty good!

Hair cut and the first round of vaccine on board. That’s worth a deep and happy sigh.

The Fight Must Go On

April 8, 2021

I planned to reassess the role I want to play going forward in our local political groups — Sister District and Indivisible Yolo. We had a mind blowing year of building a Zoom-based political powerhouse of effectiveness. We built an amazing community. We were successful and all that work certainly gave shape and focus to the year. Plus: scads of new friends.

Going forward, though, had rather thought I wanted to be a foot soldier, not an officer (since when do I use military analogies?). I absolutely want to keep working with both organizations, but on efforts that have beginnings and endings… like canvasing for a day, or registering voters at a community college, or writing postcards, or making calls, or writing a letter to the editor. Even attending meetings! I am more motivated than ever and convinced this work makes a huge difference and I want to be part of that solution (I certainly do more than my share of complaining.. so best to work toward positive change, ya?). I just don’t want to run the show, or have to-dos hanging over my head all the time. I just want to show up. Work passionately, and be done with that task for that moment.

Because I am desperate to make time for other pursuits. A girl’s got priorities, ya know?

No apologies. I crave more time for myself and my long list of juicy projects and pastimes.

Still, since the election, now five months ago, I’ve resisted resuming leadership on the Comms Team, but I’ve continued to make calls for the Georgia senate races, write postcards to voters in Wisconsin, attend weekly action hours, make calls to our members of congress on a variety of issues (mostly the filibuster), attend monthly meetings of both SD and IY, and work on SD’s new mission, values, vision and strategic plans for the coming year. And probably more stuff.. but that’s what comes to mind.

We seem to be reaching some clarity on where we go from here. For now, two separate orgs with distinct focuses. I’ll be a soldier in one (IY) and it looks like, for now, I’ll resume an officer role organizing the Comms Team effort for the other (SD). Even happily-ish! The leadership gang is still a great bunch and the work is worthy.

From last night’s monthly meeting — screen one of two — with new national SD executive director (and co-founder) Lala Wu, a smart, impressive, inspiring leader who makes a strong case for the power of state legislatures. There are a lot of places to plug in in this crazy political world. This one is deserving of my time.


On a completely different topic, I just have to say I’m deeply haunted by images and testimony in the George Floyd murder trial. Today’s expert witness was a pulmonologist who made the case that GF died from a lack of oxygen, compellingly rejecting defense theories of other causes (drug, bad heart). What haunts is the footage. We know what we’re looking at. It’s a tragic, brutal case of murder, police abuse, and immense racial injustice. It’s so incredibly painful.

An April Long Ago

April 7, 2021

I’m short on current bloggable topics, which means photo archive time.

We talked to Peter today, after a too-long talking draught, so he’s on my mind.

As it’s opening week of baseball season, how about a photo from an April long ago, at the beginning of Peter’s baseball career. T-ball. Peter on first. Would love to know what we’re plotting; it looks good.

Tuesday Memes

April 6, 2021

It’s a good thing that memes can fill in for me every now and then; allows me a lazy day. They are a snapshot of the moments we are living through, ya?

GOP efforts at voter suppression; being Black in America; Zoom meetings; pandemic heroes; vaccines to the rescue; GOP is lost.

I walked into the kitchen and both oven doors were removed and there were weird looking parts covering the butcher block. That should have been my first clue.

I chatted Jim up, talking a blue streak about my massage appointment (first one in well over a year!); the encounter I’d just had with a neighbor out front and his suggestion we stay in their Sea Ranch vacation house, plus his offer of a cool, colorful plant for our new planter (he’s quite a gardener). Jim said not one word. That should have been my second clue.

I then wanted to show him a great meme… and he barked “not now, I need to concentrate.” (Bark for Jim is a quiet, but stern, comment because Jim is not, actually, a barker.

Third time’s a charm… I got the hint. (And, for the record, I’m okay with it.)

Two things:

  1. We now have a working hinge on our microwave, and two new lights in both ovens!
  2. Here is the meme! Maybe not worth getting interrupted when replacing bulbs and hinges, but funny, no?

And I just gotta say…. the predicament that Gaetz has created for himself — faux extortion charges, sex trafficking, sex with underage minors, orgies, hula hoops, House floor boasty show-and-tells, and god knows what else — is just all utterly DELICIOUS. Couldn’t happen to a more repulsive, repugnant BMOC-wannabe.

Yesteryear Easters

April 4, 2021

Hi. How about some pics of Easters past? One realizes, when going back into the archives, that the egg hunt years occurred during a fairly brief time span (they probably correlate pretty closely to the trick-or-treat years). Funny, that. You sorta think they were defining and were a huge part of youth.

Anyway… a few from the digital archive (which more or less begins sometime in mid-ish 2001, when Peter was two-ish). One of these days, I’ll scan all the photos from the pre-digital era.

So, here’s Easter 2002 (Peter now 3 yrs old)… from the clothing, it looks like three different egg hunts.

This one looks like it could be the Mooney-McCarthy’s (see explanation in a later year) probably the Saturday before. (Nice bending from the hips, P!)

And what a haul…

This is Easter morning at our house.. hunt for the big basket. Usually, there was a clue that sent him on the hunt for this…

Got it!

And later in the day in the backyard… undoubtedly with Jocelyn..

Okay.. and now some 2003 (Peter’s 4 years old). Also a three hunt year… this was down at the Kashyap/Petersons in Pleasanton…

This was at our house, hunting for the big basket in the morning…

Then over to the Cavins to collect with Jocelyn…

2004 (now 5 years old), there was a big basket hunt, per tradition, at our house…

And later, a hunt with Jocelyn, a multi-year Easter co-conspirator..

And… 2005, this was again with the Kashyap/Petersons, this time in Tahoe (with skiiing and lots of snow…)

(Well… maybe not that much fun!)

Heidi always makes it fun…

In 2006, this is at the Mooney-McCarthy’s… kids are definitely getting older (now 7 years old) and now we’re leaning more toward a Solstice Celebration… (yep, those are compost bins). I’m pretty sure we were at the M-M’s over the course of many years.. 4-5.. but don’t seem to have pics at the ready for those years. They were elaborate: we’d deliver tiny items to Samantha days in advance (hair gizmos, coins, candies, tiny toys & trinkets) and, if we had them, dozens of empty plastic eggs. She’d stuff them and hide them. There were always a ton of families and kids, in a beautiful garden with great food. This tradition petered out probably around 9 or 10 years old.

First Dinner!

April 3, 2021

I remember back at the beginning of the pandemic we had lots of lasts — last movie in a theater, last dinner out, last time on a plane, last time we saw Peter, last haircut, last massage, last time at the newly opened Volunteer Center.

Now the firsts are going to start really rolling in.

Tonight was our first dinner with guests in our house. Monica’s birthday was a couple weeks ago (Ides of March), but we had to wait until everyone was two weeks beyond final vaccinations.. and some other logistical issues.

Anyway.. it was great to greet at the door with hugs, and then to be maskless around other people indoors for hours and hours. It was especially fun to catch up on a million stories. It was even fun to prep, cook, and just to host in general.

Here’s a pic:

I Weeded

April 2, 2021

I guess you could say I’m proud of that fact. Very proud! (It’s worth noting that our compost bin is the large size, whatever that is… it holds at least a ton of yard waste. I feel like I definitely amassed impressive tonnage!)

When you spend as much money as we have on landscaping — design, materials, plants and labor (so much labor) — it’s a bit stressful to gaze out the windows (a huge wall of windows designed to bring the outside in, designed to provide peace to one’s soul as one looks out at all that natural beauty) at a garden suddenly (overnight it seems!) overwhelmed by weeds.

Oh my heart.

I couldn’t take it a moment longer. And, funnily enough, it only took about two hours to get the lion’s share of the weeds pulled up. Most of the weeds were resting atop mulch, and most of the volume was due to bed straw — that sticky, star-shaped vine that spreads everywhere, but comes up like a dream in huge tangled wads that you practically roll up. I didn’t get it all, but I did enough to tide us over until we can set up a regular schedule with a yard person (have an interview with one in a couple weeks).

Steve S. says we should be pleased at how hearty our weeds are; he said it was a sign that our yard is fertile. Mary, the woman I’ll meet in a couple weeks about maintenance and guidance, said Central Davis has the best soil in town. Well that’s great to hear!

These don’t do it justice, but here’re a few photos taken when I was done (ish):

Day Four

April 1, 2021

Today was day #4 of the George Floyd murder trial.

I just want to note that because this trial feels like a flash point. It has to be. I’ve watched a lot of it over the past four days and have been deeply moved by the humanity on display — the sweet generosity of the young Cup Foods store clerk; the urgency of the people in the small group of sidewalk witnesses, including children; the 911 dispatcher who said something wasn’t right; the EMT who assessed GF’s vitals; GF’s girlfriend and her accounts of a relationship that included drug addiction. Their accounts all brought tears and then such despair for where this country is. The circumstances that brought us to this trial are so profoundly wretched. I was heartened by the scale of the Summer 2020 response and the promise of movement.. and yet has the needle moved? I hope it has. I feel urgent myself, and sickened all over again watching this trial. I’m so rattled by the footage — shot from so many angles. I’ve lost my faith and reclaimed it numerous times. Only to lose it again.

I cannot imagine the depth of the pain black people suffer in this country. I’m grateful for the stories being told in this trial. But I don’t know why a significant part of the prosecution’s strategy is to first show that George Floyd is actually a human being, flawed like all of us, struggling like all of us. I understand that it must be their strategy because, for too long, black lives have been dehumanized. Why don’t we accept the truth that we are all human, start from there, and evaluate what Chauvin did based simply on the facts of the case and the law. Why don’t black people live under the same laws as white people?