God Only Knows

June 8, 2015

Mom and I went to see the Beach Boy’s Brian Wilson bio pic this afternoon–a pretty fascinating trip into his sometime-drug- and maybe-schizophrenic-influenced process of song writing. I was thoroughly entertained. Mom not so much. I always like tragic stories, especially true ones that involve mental illness, genius, love/betrayal… double especially those set in the 60s that include music of the era. I was particularly touched by the credit roll; if you see it, stay for that.

Other than the movie, it was 3,495,332 games of gin rummy, all but one or two of which I lost. (The real statistic, because I count: over five days, we played 133 hands and she won exactly 75% of them). I am more than a fine gin rummy player, trust me. I am mystified by this losing streak.

It’s been too foggy and cold down at the beach almost the whole time I’ve been here. We drive down, but opt out of walking… so heck. Also, mom’s not very mobile right now… could be a new normal, could be a virus. Either way, it’s been a quiet few days.

All I have for photos today is this very pretty flower. Found it outside Trader Joe’s in Hollywood Riviera (excuse me, now called Riviera Village). Long and bell shaped; sure somebody’ll know what it is. No filters even.. just a breeze-challenged iPhone macro shot.


I did apply a filter to this one, shot between small gusts of wind.