SO Not Baseball

June 2, 2015

Tired of my endless baseball posts yet?! It’s not like I write about all the crotch scratching, spitting, indelicate language and whatnot, but if you’re not that into baseball, maybe it’s just as unappealing. My apologies.

So, change of pace?

How about high teas? Because that’s probably the most unusual thing I did today. I dressed up (not really, but I didn’t wear my usual workout clothes… mostly I put on a hat)…


…and joined Parto at The Tea List between D and E Streets… and together we ate these:


Which, you can’t go wrong with mini, crustless sandwichettes; scones; napoleons; cookies; and fruit. All so very, very tiny.

We chose some sort of vanilla tea that came with its own 7-minute timer for optimal steeping, complete with pink sand:


Surprisingly, the place was packed. Surprising only because I was utterly unaware of this place until today, more or less, and was surprised to find it so popular, especially on an ordinary Tuesday. It was a super nice day to sit beneath colorful umbrellas, next to a babbling bird feeder/fountain. A few moms and grandmas were there with little ones, like this table:


That is a tiny pitcher of lemonade just for her, and she brought her own stuffed bunny to the party. We were bunniless at our table.

All in all: fabulous. I plan to return for a normal lunch; I saw some great looking dishes being served.


Okay, so…. may I indulge in a little baseball talk?

I actually did go to a baseball game today… matter of fact, it was the very first game of the varsity’s summer season–the kick off to a whole new year of baseball–so in some ways it is a very important game to report on.

Except that they played Woodland–these days not much of a match. They even suspended the game after five and a half innings because Davis was up 15-3 and Woodland had burned through its pitchers already, had no dugout left, and well… five and half was enough.

But, that aside, there was something that was very notable about this first game: no older guys. The juniors are now at the top of the food chain. All the guys they’ve looked up to and chased for practically their entire baseball careers–twelve years for most of them–are gone and now THEY are the top dogs. They get to wear all the attitude, make the younger guys do all the heavy lifting, and basically enjoy finally arriving as seniors on the Davis High School varsity baseball team. It’s a LONG ROAD from T-ball to this place!

I don’t know a lot about team culture, but I know that there is something very cool about earning that seniority. Proud of them for making it.

It’s also weird to go from last night’s banquet, where everything was as it’s always been–players, families, pecking order–to this whole new season suddenly with all these new people. Overnight, literally. Like starting all over again.

I gotta hand it to Dan. Last night he was basking–very emotionally–in the final high school baseball moments of this year’s crop of seniors. There was a mountain of goodwill, much back slapping, and man hugs all around. It has to be hard to let go of your well-oiled machine. These relationships are finely tuned, everyone’s in sync, speaking the same language, in on the same jokes.

And then he’s back to square one. About half of his team are well-worn shoes, but the others are all new. And there he was today, beginning that whole molding process all over again. As far as I could see, he was as enthusiastic and invested as he always is. That’s just impressive.

The new players probably not so relaxed.

I so remember the beginning of last year’s summer season. It was just a tad stressful. (Ha.) Some kids are shoe-ins for slots on the following year’s varsity squad, but for others, summer begins a nearly year-long tryout. The non-shoe-ins (like Peter was for most of last year) have all summer and fall to show what they can do and try to earn one of the few slots that are up for grabs. Nothing is ever certain. (Hey…like life.)

And, of course, always remembering: it’s all good. Life goes on, and adjustments are made, whether they make the team or not.

Anyway, today’s baseball game was yet another first day, another start. Prepare yourselves… lots more baseball drama to play out in the coming year.