An Unthursday Thursday

June 18, 2015

Summer can be so disorienting. This was a normal Thursday on most people’s calendars. On ours, it was a two-location baseball tournament day, which made it feel like anything but a weekday.

No pics from today’s first day of the Dustin Pedroia Summer Classic.  I will say it was a good day for the boys of summer… two wins.  Peter was the winning pitcher in game one against Franklin. He and Ryan Holgate handled their duties well, but the bigger story was the offense with 11 runs on 10 hits! Final score 11-6.  Ryan Bell, Ray Young and Reed Hessl combined for a solid win (9-3) in the second game against Folsom. Our batters slammed 10 more hits in this game. See? As I mentioned before, I think we’re going to have a much better hitting team this year. Should be fun.

The tournament continues for us on Saturday. Stay tuned.

Okay.  So I got nuthin’ else. Being Thursday, how about a few summer throwback photos… let me dig here….


Starting with the baseball theme…one from about six years ago..subbing on someone else’s travel team:


Then, let’s go with a beach theme.. a few from random visits over the early years. This one with Chenoa in 2001 (3 years old):


This is one from 2003 (5 years old):


And this one’s from 2002 (4 years old):