Plumb Happy

June 11, 2015

Nice to have friends in fertile places.


This plum haul comes courtesy of Gen and Terry, women of the land, laboradoodle breeders extraordinaire, and such good buddies they’ll make a point to swing by our house to drop produce off when they’re in town. Plumb kind of them.


So, it must be summer:

Fresh picked fruit dripping wet on the counters, temperatures in the high nineties today (102 tomorrow), a thin film of sweat all over, bare feet, shorts, Peter at a pool party for his first day of freedom, baseball tournament starts tomorrow in San Jose. We don’t have to wonder whether homework’s being done. We don’t have to nag about early morning get ups and imminent tardies.

We have entered kick back season.



(Reed’s dad snuck this picture… Peter, Jacob, Reed, Daniel.)

One more thing of note, not related to above, but a something that might open a lot of summer activity doors for gimps, here:  I got a cortisone shot in my hip this afternoon. At long last (5 months into this). It hurt, but I breathed as instructed. At this point, all I’m going to say is: jury’s out. I’ll report back in a couple days. When it was really numb earlier, I was optimistic. Now feel dubious, but not giving up.