Up With the Chickens

June 15, 2015

Never, not once in my whole life, have I ever regretted a time I rose early in the morning. Not only do I love being up at the crack of dawn, I make it my intention more days than I could ever, ever count. It sort of mystifies me, this thing about loving to be up early, wanting to be up early, planning to be up early, and yet going to bed so late that actually getting up early becomes utterly unrealistic.


It wasn’t hugely early that we took off to return a rental car this morning (7:00am), but it seemed all early-ish when we drove home because we took the river road from West Sac to Woodland to Davis (in order to avoid a gnarly, snarly traffic jam along westbound I-80), and something about the light on the river and the long shadows cast along the crop rows made it seem just so rural and early and …. sigh.

I just loved it.

My camera did that out-of-focus thing again (note, it cannot possibly be operator error) (which is absolutely is), but I’m posting these anyway, just for the gist of the ear-ligh mornin’ light:

The Sacramento River, Yolo County side:


The latest trend in sunflower fields.. you’ve noticed this, right? ┬áPlanting some rows with flowers that bloom before the others so there are these startling yellow stripes radiating toward the horizon as you drive past them?


And wow… the sunflowers are blooming all over the place. It is so pretty.


I’m getting up early tomorrow.