Over the Hill

June 28, 2015


It can be hard to sit in the scorching sun of the central valley on a scorching hot day, while the Sierra Nevada looms teasingly off in the distance. If you’re at Fresno latitude, you are looking at Yosemite to the East.  Ooooh… that’s mean.

If we can’t be in the cool Yosemite high country, the only other place on earth I can imagine wanting to be on an early Sunday morning–and Dianna said these exact words–would be watching (and scoring) a baseball game. Bonus if Peter’s in it, which this morning he was. He got to throw the last seven pitches of the game–the last game of the four-game tournament, in fact–so I was happy.

After Friday night’s disaster of an outing, this was a good note to go home on. I just realized, he was the opening pitcher in the first game of the weekend (and got pulled after the first 5-run inning), and was the closing pitcher in the last game (and did fine, though they lost 6-4 what had been a very close game).

Sigh. The “Buchanan Baseball Summer Elite” is the highlight of the summer season–29 powerhouse teams from all over the state.  And Davis lost all four of its games.

It’s not so much a tournament, as it is an opportunity to get four games in against super strong opponents. For everyone, it’s a chance to evaluate and oil your players.

You never see all these teams because they distribute the games all over the Fresno/Clovis metropolitan area. Honestly… we drove thirty minutes from our hotel just to get to the fields.. all of which were far away, requiring lots of zig zagging through farmland:


Still, they always have a lot of fun. Lots of late night pool time, for instance. Here’s a shot I snuck from our third floor room last night at about 10:30pm… seniors holding court…


Wes got a couple of good shots today. Here they are stretching…


And here’s the money shot of the day….


(Not really running through sprinklers, but I’ll bet they wanted to!)