Mitty: Day Two

June 13, 2015

I spoke a lot about the Mitty tournament yesterday, so today… just some pics.

First, courtesy of Wes Young (thanks, Wes)… (literally candidly shot straight through that green wind barrier cloth, but to fantastic effect, I think):


This is why I’m glad Peter’s playing baseball.

Peter has emphasized, over and over, that he is happy to be a pitcher-only. I grieve over the loss of his playing a position, the loss of at bats, the loss of seeing him play in every game…  but he is not grieving this. He is having a ball. So, I’m adjusting. And appreciating the lack of stress at games.

Especially because he laughs a lot.

Pictured above: Mort, Peter, Ray, Ryan, mystery player and Dan.

They played today at Mitty. In their first game, they faced another powerhouse LA team, West Ranch, and lost 5-2.

They played Pleasant Grove, our old buddies, in their second game. We play PG all the time; they’re in our league, they are a solid team and today we had a lot to prove, having lost embarrassingly to them last week in the Yuba City Wooden Bat tournament!

We beat them decisively, crushingly, 15-5. Seventeen hits. It was explosive. Here’s a great picture Wes took after the game.  Solly, Peter, Danny, Ray.


Solly and Danny are both appropriately filthy. Solly’s highlight today was a blistering triple that drove in a run in the second game, and Danny, besides going 1 for 3 in both games and doing a lot of dirty sliding, had the pitching outing of his life (in the first game), according to his mom. Impressive day!

Peter and Ray both got to hit in the PG game, which was extremely fun for them. Peter drove in a run on a ground out to second, and Ray got to first on an error. Good job pitcher-only’s!

Another treat: Tim (travel ball coach) was in the area and dropped in to see his boys. Tim grew up on the peninsula and played all these teams when he was in high school (St. Francis?). He’s long out of school (played for both Loyola Marymount and UCD), but still follows all these teams.


Seven former Crush players now play on the DHS varsity team. In addition to Gabe, Ray, Solly, Peter and Danny, above, Pierce and Mason are Crush alumni. Speaks impressively for Crush… and Tim.

So, that was that. Snapped this picture at an iced tea stop before heading back.