Summer Storms

June 9, 2015

Palos Verdes was all about June gloom this trip. It even rained today. Harry the Super Shuttle driver–whom I really enjoyed talking to and who gave me a hardy handshake when he dropped me off–confirmed the South Bay’s weird, but predictable, June weather.

Here’s LAX through the plexy window.


Clouds over who knows where that produced a very bumpy ride (enhanced by the four-year old boy behind me going at it on my seat back.. which I have to admit I enjoy.. kind of like a massage):


And a couple flying into Sac. While I was gone, Davis was having 100+ weather. Today, the temperatures dropped, it clouded up and rained, just in time for my return!

Definitely not complaining.

These are like photo versions of Phil Gross paintings:



Extremely nice to be home.