No Bow Tie

June 16, 2015

Today’s busy day is not going to tie itself into a tidy bow. Usually I can, but today I can’t find a simple theme–at least not a unique one. So….   how’s about a few cool pictures, and we can call it good.

Began the process to renew Peter’s passport today. Good thing we checked the date on his passport last night to find it had expired, and good thing there is still time to get a new one before we leave in seven weeks, and good thing there’s such a thing as an expedited application process.

I think he’s on to me…

(Right? Who takes a picture of their kid getting his picture taken?)


Picked up our car from Center City with its brand new head gasket and a whole bunch of other engine-related things otherwise too difficult to get to unless you remove the engine completely from the car. That was $3300 worth of fun. Driving home from the gas station, sat in the Richard’s Blvd underpass. I always find this view coming into downtown a little thrilling:


In the late afternoon heat, sat in a narrow swath of shade at the very top of the bleachers at Sac City College, scrambling to catch up on game data… a tedious process if you’re transitioning from your fall-back paper-based system to your vastly-preferable digital-based system mid-game, but that’s why god invented Dianna:


It was not a great day for the Blue Devils. Davis managed only two hits–not great–and committed four yucky, costly errors. The coaches, in full summer assessment mode, gave six pitchers an inning apiece… with very mixed results. Peter faced only three batters today (hurray!) in his inning and thankfully did just fine. In the end, it was the Eastin Cats 10 and Davis 2…ugly. Here is a post-game confab between Peter and his coach… sketching out the pitching strategy for this weekend’s tournament.


Sac City’s a nice place. They even have artful gates: