Series of Tubes

June 14, 2015

Don’t know if I mentioned it…  but our car blew a gasket, as they say. An expensive gasket. A head gasket. Maybe there are other gaskets? In any case, it’s looking like this right about now…


That’s the engine. Other of its parts are neatly arrayed on the floor just to the right of this shot. I went by to see it in the shop last Friday on the way down to San Jose (and to fetch stadium chairs).

We are Hoffman people, but Hoffman doesn’t do this kind of repair, so told us to go to Center City.

Here’s what’s great about that: Center City’s Honda expert is Rick. Rick is the dad of one of Peter’s teammates Tyler Mortensen (star pitching phenom, number one pitcher this past year in the Delta League, first team Delta league, honorable mention on the all-Metro team.  As a freshman. Remember that name.)  Because both of our boys were playing in the baseball tournament in San Jose, we spent the weekend with Rick and, among many other things, talked a lot about our car.

What are the chances of that?

We are confident it’s in good hands! Still going to cost $3000, though.

In the meantime, I’ve been getting to drive this:


Love my Honda CRV, but I have really enjoyed zipping around in this (it’s a Golf). Will be sad to see it go.

Also on the subject of series of tubes… and just because I took a pic…


This is a great Thai noodle salad I made a few weeks ago. Wish I’d not forgotten it was in the fridge. Here’s a close up: