Mom Knows Best?

June 4, 2015

My knee jerk reaction to just about any suggestion my mom makes to me is usually no. Sometimes it’s polite and diplomatic and sometimes it’s not. I’m not proud of this, it’s just the way it is. It’s either the two-year old me being defiant, or it’s the teenager me trying to differentiate and become independent, or it’s the young adult me trying to stake out and claim my place in the world.  Or, most likely, it’s the senior citizen me who never did any of that with any success at the age appropriate time, for whatever reason, and is really screwed up because of it.

I’m only slightly exaggerating.

We’re talking pretty trivial things here, like, “That would taste better with some honey,” to which I might reply, “No… I don’t really use honey,” (I do). Or, “You haven’t eaten anything yet, there’s some roast beef in the icebox,” “No, I’m good,” (I’m starving).

It’s weird. But whatever.

Sometimes our dynamic is pretty challenging (I’ve written before about this), but thankfully these episodes are fewer and farther between. More often I summon a very adult version of myself and it all works out. She does too, actually. Grown ups are far easier to deal with.


Another trivial example is that for years my mom has made the suggestion–literally a million times–that I take a taxi from LAX to her house. I never do. I’ve been content, when not otherwise picked up by a brother, to take Super Shuttle. My SS phone app makes it very easy and at $35 plus tip ($42) I assumed it was cheaper. Part of it is laziness on my part–I’m accustomed to the whole procedure with SS and just don’t feel like changing it–and part of it is obstinance.

This trip, for the millionth and oneth time, she said, “Take a taxi, it’s faster, I’ll pay for it,” which she always says. And… you’re not going to believe this, but I finally acquiesced. I thought, what the hell.

And I’m sure you can also anticipate the punchline: The taxi was great–easier, quicker, far more convenient, and only slightly more money ($47).

Whattaya know.

You’d be proud. I totally gave her credit for being right and told her I should have listened to her a long time ago. She liked that. It was a good way to start the visit.

Here is Mr. Taxi backing down the driveway after dropping me off:


The greens are true in this picture. Guess that’s why they called it Palos Verdes.

For another color… here’s a shot I took from the plane that I liked. The blues are true, too:IMG_6811

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