Saturday, Near the Park

June 20, 2015

Just a few shots of some spots on the outskirts of Saturday’s Farmer’s Market, sparing you shots of vegetables and fruits (though those are lovely, too), my Mishka’s donut of the week (never quite as good as a poppyseed muffin) and day two of the Dustin Pedroia Summer Classic (no shots of Peter, even though he got an inning in right field and a trip round the bases as a courtesy runner…. ah, the life of a PO in a game in which you’ve got a sizable lead).

Here is, um, glass man.  Sits in front of the Pence Gallery and shimmers like nobody’s business. Nice, if you like this kind of thing:


Further down D, the scene in front of the Mustard Seed and Cloud Forest:


Walking out of the park, these are the current blooms in the Central Park garden:


And heading home along 4th, near the corner of University Ave, the oleanders are hanging low:


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