Life Through a Migraine Haze

June 17, 2015

I really hate to be a complainer. But ..


Not feeling like a good sport today. Spent the whole day laying low, willing a nasty headache away. I didn’t will very well; it’s still banging on the walls inside my head, though with slightly less intensity than earlier.

I’m not even certain it’s a real migraine because I’m short a few of the classic symptoms, but I definitely have others of them… so maybe.  I don’t care. It hurts. When I get these, they’re two day affairs, though far more manageable the second day.

Blah blah blah… don’t wanna talk about it. Makes me want to cry. Hate missing out on a gorgeous day.

I did walk to the coop today; even migraine sufferers gotta eat figs and sushi. This is what the world looked like through the haze:

Walking through the Senior Center, across the Civic Center field:


Then down 7th (I just liked the way this tree looked):


And looking south down..maybe E or D:


My favorite neighborhood to be in on a very hot day…

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