My Favorite Restaurant

December 29, 2014

Well… it’s really Symposium, but wow, Tuco’s, again, served up a fabulous dinner tonight.

Here’s what I love about life in the internet age (besides everything): I googled Tuco’s, clicked on images, and found every picture contained herein…. my whole dinner is represented. Wild, huh? Don’t know who took them, and the resolution is not uniformly good, but every part of my dinner was found among the google images.

So… here’s Tuco’s:


Here are the two appetizers we had.. 1) crostini…garlicky, olive oily, perfectly toasted bread (wonderful bread, too) with goat cheese and fresh herbs. I highly recommend this.


and 2) Pao de Quejo, which I also highly recommend… as good as the cheese bread balls in Brazil:

pao de quejo

It was hard to not get the bacon-wrapped dates, but nobody else was a pork eater.

I ordered the chicken tacos, and jesus, they were fantastic… the chicken’s good–I think they do it with an achiote paste (not sure about this), but it’s the bacon chard; the buttery chewy, crusty rice; the homemade tortillas (which look just like mine when I make them… a little fat and irregular); the spicy salsa; and, weird for me to say, the black beans that make this dish so incredible. The flavors, the textures, the combination. I swear, it’s hard to imagine, but these things are insane…

chicken tacos

And I had a white flight (though the picture shows red). I think this is the perfect way to drink wine with dinner… four different kinds, each tasty and unique with a nice write up… it’s fun all the way through the flight:

white flight

We had dinner with Wendy K and her husband Barry. Wendy was a classmate from kindergarten all the way through high school. We were only acquaintances then, but should she and her husband decide to move to Davis (from Huntington Beach… who does THAT?), I’m sure we’d be friends. They sure are giving Davis a fair shake.

I really respect anyone who looks at their life and makes decisions proactively about such things as where they might want to live out the rest of their days… especially when that might mean moving to a whole nuther city when they are still young enough to make new friends and essentially start life all over again. Most people just sort of make decisions like that by default.. which is to say, they just stay where they are. Wholesale life change is hard. So.. hat’s off to Wendy and Barry.  I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I kinda hope they choose Davis.

One Response to “My Favorite Restaurant”

  1. Tom and I went to dinner last night with friends, and the couple we were with raved about Tucos! I can’t wait to try it!

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