Our usual New Year’s dates left us high and dry this year, leaving Jim and me to fend for ourselves. No appetizer pig-out and Balderdash marathon this year. What to do… what to do…

I’ve been reading about this new community event this year with the region’s best dance band… we’ll dance in the new year. That’s totally us, right?

[Note: Since I mentioned to people that we were going dancing for New Year’s, everyone’s like, “Jim?” “Jim’s going to dance?”  Nobody seems to know that Jim used to be a saloon kind of dude who hung out with fellow surveyors and trades guys in Sacramento and foothill bars every night after work drinking cheap beer and dancing to classic rock bands. He was totally that guy. I didn’t know him then, but sure I’d have loved hanging out with him, because underneath the beer-drinking, rock-dancing saloon dude, he’d have been Jim, which was probably a good combo.]

Anyway, Jim, my super good sport husband, was game, so we went to the International Order of the Odd Fellows’ New Year’s Eve Bash. Mumbo Gumbo presiding.

We found out Bill and Sabrina were also going so we hitched a ride with them, and being Davis, we ran into all kinds of people we knew. You know, it was sorta like a party. They limited attendance to around 225-250 so there was good energy but also room to move.

I’m more in love with the voices of Tracy Walton and Chris Webster when blending in harmony and quieter folky stuff, but when added to the cacophony of instruments in the MB band, they’re great to listen–and especially dance–to. So we danced for a few hours, really stopping only when the band took breaks. It was incredibly, balls out fun. We’re talking skirt and cowboy boots dancing like a 20-something fun.

Some shots:

I don’t know all the band members’ names and they’ve changed over time, I’m pretty sure. Chris (center) and Tracy are mainstays. The sax guy’s been around a long time. There are two others out of view in this picture.. a newish keyboardist, as we heard Bill Fairfield’s got ear issues and isn’t playing regularly, and Rick Lotter the drummer, who I think’s an original member. Not certain about any of it, but here they are:


It was definitely an over-50 crowd. Hilarious. I think we tore it up, though. I believe that’s Bill in the middle of the crowd, and you can’t quite see Phil and Amina, who were a just a hot-dancing blur all night.


After a few hours, and at the time-appropriate moment, this happened.  Yup… a balloon drop:IMG_4026

They’d distributed noise makers and champagne, too.  Just like a NYE party!

And then we, staid and mature crowd that we were, started kicking and batting balloons all over the place, spilling champagne down people’s backs (poor Jim), and stuff like that:


You can’t quite appreciate the silliness and chaos of all these balloons flying, but it was pretty funny (for a while anyway).

And, lest old acquaintances be forgot, which they shouldn’t (as they say), here are B&S:


It should also be noted, for the family record, I liked the one slow dance best.