But of Course…

December 11, 2014

… the subject is rain. We are in the throes of the worst storm in years and years. They say. The media, government officials, school officials, medical institutions–everyone–has been warning us to take precautions and protect ourselves from, like, everything imaginable. Which, of course, I appreciate.

So far, it’s been a wet one, but nothing out of the ordinary, at least not here. Just many puddles to clear, lest our leather clogs get waterlogged n’ soggy.


Here’s who’s lovin’ the rain…these guys:


Probably the bigger news in our house is Jim’s second broken off tooth. The first [very prominent, very visible] incisor broke off last winter sometime, but he just finished the whole implant install about a month ago, so it seems like there is just no end to this toothless smile business. Poor, poor guy.

Today they removed what was left, so he’s all tender and abused. Can’t chew nuthin. Nor can he have anything hot. So it’s smoothies and cool soft stuff for the rest of the day:


Frozen fruits and bananas for smoothies, vanilla yogurt, vanilla filmjolk (Swedish drinkable yogurt, sorta like kefir), tapioca, chocolate pudding… and candy bars for the caregiver.  (Kidding; he needs no caregiver, but gingerbread chocolate bars and coconut mint chocolate bars? Oh yes.)