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December 18, 2014

**First world alert**

The smartphone gods finally got their shit together and, at last, Costco, as of last night, had the three new phones in the right configurations that we three Peterson/Frames have been waiting for: Jim, the white Samsung Galaxy S5, 16GB; Peter, the slate iPhone 6 with 16GB; and moi, the gold iPhone 6 with 64GB (Big Important Me).

So, without further ado, we made the 10-mile trip to the Woodland Costco and came home with three brand new phones.

FYI, Costco offers some pretty sweet deals, maybe even worth the three+ month wait. Well…definitely worth the wait if you’re the grownups, and not so much if you’re the indulged and entitled 16-year-old.

Suffer he did. And us, too, because for three months he wore his frustration all over his frustration-saturated sleeve, and it was WE who had to endure that most unattractive angst and frustration day-in and day-out (not to mention the frustration of three failed runs up to Costco when, over the phone, the person told us the much sought-after iPhones were in stock, when, in fact, we found, upon arrival, that they were most certainly not. Thanks guys.) I forget exactly why, but because we were changing carriers from Sprint to Verizon, we needed to do all three contracts at the same time, and wouldn’t you know, it was my 64gig iPhone, or unavailability thereof, that was holding up the parade. (“No, Peter, I do not want 16GB,” “No, Peter, not 128gigs either,” and “NO, Peter, I can NOT live with the iPhone 6+, have you seen those things?!, they’re RIDICULOUS”).

But…the long wait is over, we have our phones. We’re all set up, and data ported, and screen protected, and cased, and accessorized.


This is my first picture with da new phone.


I’ve taken this shot many, many times before; it’s hard to resist. As you come out of the tunnel and approach the redwood grove, it just takes your breath away… even on a gloomy day like today.

Truth is, I don’t think the camera on the 6 is vastly different than the camera on the 4S, but the screen is a whole lot bigger so that makes it fun.

I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with the size, the speed, the better Verizon coverage, a brand new not-yet-abused battery, and tricks and features I can’t wait to learn about. Merry early Christmas to us.