Nothing But Delivering

December 24, 2014

The best part of the baking process is the delivering. I draw up the most efficient route, load all the goods in the car and set out. On Christmas Eve, especially a cold foggy one like today, most people are around. I try to keep it short, but talking with people the day before Christmas is the absolute best. Most people seem like they’re ready for the holiday to hit its crescendo, spirits are pretty jolly.

So that’s what today was about.

I even had time for a massage which was kind of a nice thing to enjoy after all the running around, wrapping (I think I got a bit of carpal tunnel), shipping, baking, driving south and north, west and back.

Bonus this year was getting invited to the Bolles for dinner, getting looped on spiked eggnog and falling asleep on their couch. Really.

At the end-est part of the day, stuffed the stockings…


Enjoyed the tree (and a bunch of jobs well done) ….


And headed to bed. ¬†One last look down the hall…