One of the things I totally dig about the end of the year is going through all the photos I’ve taken over that year and picking out and setting aside my favorites. I now have a Best of 2014 album that has 308 landscapes and 160 people shots.  And counting… we’re not at December 31 just yet!

Many, most, have shown up in this year’s blogaday/photoaday Life of Wrys.  But since I’ve yet to blog our annual Yosemite trip (I will, I will, hopefully before the year is over), you guys haven’t seen any photos from Aug 4-12. There were some very good ones from this year’s trip.. Yosemite being kind of a perfect subject and all.

Here’s one I took with the Panasonic. We were on a mellow group hike with the John Frames–four adults and five kids. We’d just come down off of Lembert Dome and were making our way down a trail around the backside when Peter decided he wanted to go see Dog Lake.  Nobody else wanted to take the half-mile spur trail that leads to the lake so he took off by himself. A little while later, I decided I’d join him after all, so started to run to catch up. He had also run, so by the time I caught up to him, he had already reached the lake, looked around and was running back.  I thought, well, heck, I’m going to go see the lake since I’d gotten that far, and continued my run. Glad I did, I was rewarded with this: a perfectly still lake and a fantastic view of Mt. Dana in the distance (Yosemite’s second highest peak–13,000 and change–and one of our favorite climbs).


And speaking of reflections, the next day we all went to climb Mt. Hoffman (a peak known for its location in the dead center of Yosemite National Park, 10,852). This time we were joined by the Matalon/Frames, so now we were twelve. This is a shot of May Lake at the beginning of the hike. You can’t see Mt. Hoffman in this picture; it’s well out of view behind the peaks on the other side of the lake. We’ve climbed Mt. Hoffman numerous times and it’s definitely challenging and one of my favorites.


Finally, in the favorite photos of 2014 not yet seen in LOW category is a photo I took while messing around the Lyell Fork (of the Tuolumne) with Betsy, my oldest buddy in the world whose family was staying in the valley, but she was able to shake loose and drive up to see me for an afternoon and have dinner with us.  We got some spectacular clouds as a storm was threatening to move in that night (and it did) and even more reflections, this time on a slightly moving river. I took this with my iPhone.


That actually may also be Mt. Dana in the distance on the left.  You can definitely see it from this meadow, but I can’t tell if it’s that distant peak or one even further to the left out of view in this shot. No matter. This is one gorgeous spot; some of my all time favorite photos are from this area… all jigsaw puzzle worthy.