Once a Jock…

December 10, 2014

Went to a Davis High School girls varsity basketball game tonight.

There is something about the vibe at a high school girls sporting event that ignites a flame deep, deep within. That was my world, the girl jock world, and I still feel connected, like I belong there.

Those were my people then, those were my people tonight.  I never played basketball in high school, but all I wanted to do was get out there and play. Crazy, huh? I think so highly of my prowess, I figured I could fold right in. Crazier still.

Fact is, basketball probably would have been a good fit, but the girls’ season in high school conflicted with the end of tennis and the beginning of track and it was never going to work out. But I got my chance in the late 80s when Davis legend and former All-American basketball player from Wisconsin, John Pamperin drafted me (kidding) and a bunch of other over 30 women to play on a team he was forming and hoping to travel with. He ran practices out at Chestnut Park and it was amazingly fun. The whole thing fizzled out before we became famous (kidding again), but not before he’d told me I was the most natural player he’d ever seen. Only I could love this story so much. And even though I’m not sure there was a shred of truth in it, I loved it anyway. That was the start and the end of my basketball career, but it was exquisite while it lasted. My souvenir was learning to do a lay up.  (Lots of other stuff too, but that’s the one skill I pull out whenever I get near a basketball court.)

I’m kind of cracking up at the memory of all this.  Glory days, huh?

So… here’s a pic.  I am a terrible sports photographer!


Ball? Ball? What ball?! I was fixated on Anna Belenis, Peter’s kindergarten buddy who’s an exceptionally good player and has played on the varsity team since she was a freshman. She’s #2 in the white, and played a great game tonight.