Gosh you guys… I just couldn’t stop taking pictures today, you know, big fancy photographer me… it was crazy beautiful all day, and warm besides (any December day above 65 degrees is just nuts). What on earth is going on?

Between storms, I hope, and just plain warm and springlike.. that was today.

Anyway… it was a perfect Fall day… Leaves and color. Here are some favorites.  I am most grateful to the folks who endured my many stops to take just one more picture.

LOVE a leafy sidewalk. C Street.


Some yellows around Spafford Lake..


And around the bend, the reds..This area was flooded yesterday when Lake Spafford overflowed its shores. That bench was largely under water. YESTERDAY.


A little closer and to the right…


Then the main attraction… those two gingkos on the hill..  Gingko #1…


And Gingko #2…


They are past their main drop (though there are still so many leaves left to fall!)… Just look at this lusciousness. I couldn’t wait to see them and they didn’t disappoint.


Heading back into town, ran into more yellow… this could be tallow.  Shadows are mine and Vicki’s.


Later this afternoon, over on F Street, the sky above the old City Hall, a new color scheme… (enhanced with a cross process filter)


And later still over by the University Mall…


I’ll close with a shot of clouds I futzed a bit with… because it was a day of leaves, color AND clouds…


(And I will spare you the gorgeous near-full moon rise through dramatic clouds, because the pictures didn’t come out so well, but trust me, it was a great way to end a beautiful day.)