Nothing But Baking

December 23, 2014

All the season’s baking hadda be compressed into a single day, so that’s all I got for today. I was so heads-down, I didn’t take but a couple of photos…

Making the dough for cookies, only one kind… Butterballs (or Pecan Sandies, or Mexican Wedding cookies, or Russian Teacakes… they are called all of these.. but basically they’re butter and honey and vanilla and pecans and flour, baked then twice rolled in powdered sugar) but hey, I made 36.4 dozen! (But who’s counting.)



I also made 16 dozen hunksa Rocky Road.

I’m definitely spreading this operation out next year. I was so sugar weary by the end of the day… it’s funny how little tiny licks of this and that can add way up. ┬áBut I loved cranking the music and getting into a production zone.

It was an awesome day.