Thank You Henry Ford

December 15, 2014

Assembly line production gets us through a lot of Christmases.



We do a reality check every couple years, wondering if this whole process is worth it, and it always is. It’s the gift of food, for the most part organic & healthy, locally grown, and something people can really consume and enjoy. We ship to relatives far out of region (in three cases, out of our state, so it’s extra nice to send them a bit of their home state). It supports local farmers, too. And don’t we all have enough stuff?

We noticed this year that the Farmer’s Market has a booth during the season, maybe just a couple Saturdays before Christmas, where they assemble their own market basket. Pretty good idea and maybe cheaper. ┬áBut part of our fun is putting them together. I will credit Cost Plus with selling a very cheap kit that includes a basket, wood straw, labels, a big bag to put the whole thing in and twine to tie it off… all for $6, so that’s a pretty great deal.

So this year it was: Olive oil, pomegranate jam, jalepeno honey, red walnuts (a bitter-free walnut developed by a guy at UC Davis), a wonderful savory herb mix, and chocolate covered pistachios. I would totally love this basket.

They got shipped to Idaho, Arizona, Montana, and Palos Verdes and we’ll hand carry one to Oakland. Jim does a great job of constructing the boxes, packing and weighing each package, and printing out the address labels and postage stickers. I’d wither at that set of tasks, so very glad to hand that off.


Not cheap, but worthwhile.