That’s Some Serious Green

December 22, 2014

Ever since making a pact with myself that I would not take pictures while driving, I am way short on road shots–at least on road trips when I’m the sole driver. Like today. But take my word for it, it was green.

I got a post-rush-hour start on the PV to Davis drive and was impressed by ease with which I made it through LA. It was a wind in your hair kind of drive (if I’d have had the windows down, which I didn’t): 95.5FM blaring rock and roll from back in the day. Interestingly, got the news that Joe Cocker had died and it seemed fitting that KLOS would deliver the news.

Mostly, the drive went quickly and greenly.

It’s kind of amazing what a deep relief all this rain has been and how insanely joyful it feels to look out on miles and miles of bright, velvety green, central valley hills. Like we’ve all become these anxious, hand-wringing drought watchers, counting along with weather reporters the consecutive days of rainlessness. And then, when we do get a bit of precipitation, we turn into euphoric, thank-the-almighty-for-this-rain people, as though our very civilization depends upon it. Maybe it does. Maybe it’s just the hyped-up media. Either way, green’s far better than crispy brown hills this time of year.

It was an incredibly beautiful drive, and I have no pictures. So, three days later, this is what the Christmas day drive from Davis to the Bay Area looked like, just to give you an idea. The green in the fields matched the green in my sweater. That bright green. (#nofilters. As they say.)


Made it to Davis with about an hour to spare, time enough to unload the car and remobilize for dinner at the Cavins/O’Hanleighs… a dinner we’d plan to host, but for unexpected changes in travel plans.  A wonderful, overdue dinner with dear buddies, and then we managed to make it in time for the Home For the Holidays concert… barely catching my breath here.

Home For the Holidays is hands down my favorite holiday music tradition. It might actually be my favorite holiday tradition, music or otherwise.  A couple shots..

Since it’s a fundraiser for the Davis School Arts Foundation, kids always open it up, this year, the Madrigals, gorgeous:


Misner and Smith played for the first time and were great:


One of my all-time favorites, Rita Hosking, her husband (Sean Feder) daughter (Kora) and those other guys:


The reason I love this concert so much: Tracy Walton, Chris Webster and Bill Edwards, who rearrange themselves every year in some form or another. Tracy and Chris are Mumbo Gumbo stars, Bill’s Peter’s friend Jack’s dad (Florie also played this year, as she usually does, this time as part of Biscuits and Honey which was lovely). Joining them for this number was emcee and crazy good fiddler guy Joe Craven.


And there was the encore set with most of the night’s singers, including Bill Fairfield, far left, who organizes the whole thing each year (this was #11… I think we’ve missed only one). Missing from this finale is another regular and also a super big highlight for me each year, Charlie Baty.. he could be hiding in the back with Florie and Diana Craig.  Love all these guys so much. IMG_3956

I shall close with a photo of my mom’s tree, which just cracks me up. It was worth going down for a few days just to see it.

Taken as I was heading out the door this morning:


And the night before, a posed picture with grandma and Peter. She’s such a nut.


That is a Charlie Browner, if ever there was one.