It’s Starting…

December 2, 2014

I took these yesterday, but decided to wait until today to post, simply because I’d also taken some pictures of the between-storm skies over Davis and that seemed more appropriate for yesterday’s post since it’s supposed to darken up and rain like hell for the next couple of days.

Anyway… this is the countdown calendar, that little wooden drawer-filled cabinet tradition thing that has signified the beginning of the Christmas season in our house for about the last fifteen years or so?  We acquired this when Peter was about two or three years old at the suggestion of Pam, whose daughter Chenoa was Peter’s little bestie during “the Katie years” (daycare provider) and if they both had a countdown calendar, they could share stories about the goodies they found and whatnot and it would be fun for them.. and…

.. it seemed like a good idea. And it was.


Every year, I find twenty four little trinkety things to fit into the micro drawers, and each day, Peter opens one drawer… yeah.. I’m sure you know the drill.



And man, December 1st comes so unexpectedly fast each year. I’M STILL EATING LEFTOVER TURKEY FOR CHRISSAKES.

I ran around yesterday gathering tiny little things that are at least a little age appropriate which is always a bit of a challenge. TWENTY FOUR THINGS!  Used to be micro toys and candy worked just fine.. and marbles, miniature decks of cards, bouncing balls, a nickel, things like that.  In later years it’s been things like thumb drives, ear buds, and iTunes cards which are far pricier.

I gave up years ago thinking Peter was too old for this ritual… and have now totally accepted that it’s a thing until he is no longer living here for twenty four consecutive days in December… meaning, we probably have only two years left–this and next–and what the hell, it’s fun, and he still loves it.

Shhhhhhh…. don’t tell his big guy friends.

Day one (yesterday) he pulled an iPhone 6 out of the drawer… really a tiny eraser in the style of a smart phone. Kind of a joke since he’s been out of his mind wanting the new iPhone, but the right deal hasn’t come along, which has frustrated him no end, and maybe it was mean of me to put the little rubber replica in the drawer instead, but hey, all is fair in love and tacky consumerism.

Especially for the SIXTEEN year old countdown calendar guy.