Grandma’s Funny

December 28, 2014

Played table tennis with Peter today. This is always the best way to talk. If it’s going to come out, it comes out while he’s otherwise preoccupied or distracted, and therefore less self-conscious. He won’t tell me things he absolutely doesn’t want to divulge, he’s just freer with conversation. More willing to talk and share. And even listen.

So, historically, it’s been good me/Peter time.

Today we talked about Christmas and why it was good… for example, he concluded that making us a list of things he wanted was a good idea; he thought the Rocky Road was excellent this year (he made a batch); he liked our choice of red fir, it really grew on him, he said.

We also talked about the other events surrounding Christmas… Uncle Vic’s graveside memorial, Uncle Bud’s 90th birthday, visiting Aunt Annita, all the family he hung with–and in some cases met. I liked how he really seemed to value these things. I also appreciated a chance to sort of put some punctuation at the end of his observations…It was a good discussion.

My favorite of his comments this afternoon was that Grandma is funny. We were talking about her quirky little tree and he agreed that she’s kind of a hoot. He said, “I know… that tree…  Grandma’s funny. She’s a lot funnier than you are.” He said it with this new kind of realization and sincere appreciation for who his grandma is. He’s never really noticed before and to me it was a great sign that his eyes are opening a little and seeing things as more of an adult, certainly more of a young adult.

I almost cried (inside anyway). You know how one of our basic human needs is to be seen, for people to really know us.. to get us, to maybe even like us for who we really are? It turns out, for me, this bleeds a little into people getting who my mom is, at least my son and husband. I’ve always wanted them to understand her better, and in Peter’s case to really like her. I didn’t know how important that was until today when his observation of her went a little deeper and was a bit more nuanced. He seemed genuinely kindly toward her.

It just totally made my day. At long last, it seems like Peter kind of gets his grandma, and appreciates her just a little. I think she would really like that.

Besides, who wouldn’t think she was funny?


One Response to “Grandma’s Funny”

  1. eloquent….well put
    You’re funny too.

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