Sixteen. Sweet!

June 24, 2014

Milestone birthday today.

I just think the world of this young man.  Here is a snap shot of who he is, as of June 24, 2014

He’s a nice guy.

He’s very into music. 

He still enjoys playing baseball.

He has a bunch of long-standing, great friends. 

School’s not too bad. 

He’s driving.

He’s okay hanging out with us (when that happens).

He’s independent, confident and comfortable with himself.

He loves to hike, loves to climb mountains, loves the Sierra.

Acne’s fading, braces are coming off soon. 

As I write this, he’s working on a Pink Floyd song. 


Here are some birthday shots:


We had dinner at the Buckhorn in Winters. Jim and I had fish dishes, Peter had ribs, a petite filet wrapped with bacon and some deep fried prawns. And some thin onion rings. And root beer. And their special birthday ice cream cake. (Lordy.)

Peter was behind the wheel; it was a lovely drive:



We came home for dessert (round two for some of us):

This year, Peter wanted a coconut cream pie, which I made this afternoon and finished just before we took off for Winters. First time I’ve ever made one of these. Picked a recipe called the Triple-Threat CC Pie which won a prize at somebody’s state fair. They say.

Here you can see the custard part (coconut milk, whole milk, sugar, egg yolks, cornstarch, coconut extract, butter, vanilla, and toasted coconut). And in the background you can see the crust… a basic crust with pieces of toasted coconut embedded.  The top layer was whipped cream with added vanilla and I sprinkled over the very top more toasted coconut and shaved white chocolate. It turned out quite okay, if you like that sort of pie.



Here what it looked like in the end:


So, anyway, we each had a piece and then it was time for presents. Peter got birthday cards and birthday money from grandma, uncles, aunts, etc. From us, he got a t-shirt with a representation of the standard model something we learned about in that documentary about the Higgs Boson particle (Particle Fever) that we saw on Jim’s birthday and Peter loved; a planner (what organizationally-challenged high school junior doesn’t need one of those?); and mount that Jim made out of a branch from Peter’s sycamore tree (the tree we planted in our front yard when Peter was born and which was initially fertilized by Peter’s placenta.. uh, yeah).  After he opened that, and politely said, “Cool,” Jim said, “Wait, did we forget one?” and looks at me, and I go, “Oh, yeah, there’s one other, I’ll go get it,” and I go away and come back with a big box that seems a lot more promising and Peter opens it and it has a guitar in it. Aren’t we just the funniest parents?  So here’s that:


The sycamore branch mount will go somewhere on a wall in Peter’s room so the guitar will be at the ready any time. That is very cool, no?

All in all, a nice birthday for our great kid:





4 Responses to “Sixteen. Sweet!”

  1. Sounds like a great celebration! And yes, great surprise present!! What kind of guitar did you get him? Looks like a Yamaha?

    • Kari Says:

      It’s a Bristol. A starter guitar, but Jim said it got good reviews. He’s been playing Jim’s (which is an electric guitar)… so now there is one of each in the house. 🙂

  2. Carrie Says:

    What a great birthday for Mr. Peter. So wonderful that he is driving and seems comfortable with it as well. Thank you great parents for taking your jobs seriously, and providing the world with someone well rounded, independent and enjoys his life. Short of the braces and acne, which will be over soon!

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