I announced at dinner tonight that I was going to bed really early. Too many successive nights of 4-5 hours of sleep. I seem to have found my limit. So, aiming for 9:00. This will certainly be a world record bedtime for me, I proclaimed. Everyone was cool with that.

Then Peter said he needed some extra credit in his food science class (he does if he’s going to avoid his first high school C) and he was going to make something before he went to bed. He’s required to work on his own, which is great; no interference with my go-to-bed-early plan.

I should note that earlier in the week, also for extra credit, he made a plum and apricot cobbler which his teacher thought was pretty great, and today he delivered an extra credit power point presentation on the Italian Peninsula, as part of their Mediterranean food unit. He’s serious about this no-C thing.

Somehow, he settled on flan. I wouldn’t let him make churros unsupervised…because: hot vat of oil for deep frying long sticks of sugary dough… uh no.

So, I was going to finish up the dinner dishes and head off to bed, leaving him alone to his baking. The operative words there: head off to bed. But then noticed, above the kitchen sink, that we’d been invaded by a swarm of flying insects. An hour’s worth of Facebook commentary and amateur entomology sleuthing later (I do love my friendverse), I was satisfied that they were fairly benign flying ants.. not unlike the annual infestation I experience in my office, which after a few years, I don’t pay the slightest attention to.

By the time that resolved, Peter’s flan was ready to come out of the oven, so I was there to share in his little late-night success.

Now I’m going to bed, but before I do, here are a couple of pictures:

The flan mess.. not too bad, I just like the picture.. taken from the stool, as I was getting a better look at the flying insects over the sink:



The finished flan.. not bad, Peter! (who made a liar out of me when I told him it’d be a tricky recipe):


And a closeup of one of the flying ants. It is not a termite because it has a shapely abdomen, wings that are different shapes, and crooked antennae.



I may get to bed by 12:30am, if all goes smoothly from here on out.