I Give Up

June 22, 2014

Ya know… ?  I try to find other things to talk about.. I do.  But right now? It’s baseball, so forgive me… or don’t… I must post another baseball photo.  This one comes courtesy of Wes Young (thanks, Wes!), and was taken today in Napa.


What I love about it: check out the elevations!  Man… when did Peter become the tallest guy on the mound? Or anywhere? But here, and I don’t think it’s the terrain, he towers. Looks like a pretty fun mound visit, no?  Lot of smiles. 

(Today’s Junior Legion infield: Peter (3rd), Mason (catcher), Chris (short), Gabe (pitcher), coach Jaret, Max (2nd) and Ray (1st)) 

What a lovely, lovely morning it was. We left Davis very early and in sweatshirts.. it was that cool. Picked up Solly, coffee for the road, and arrived with lots of time to spare. The boys hung out in the parking lot waiting for the others to show up. While waiting, they played Quiz-Up on Peter’s phone. Quiz-Up is an app that connects you to others worldwide who log in to play a 6-question quiz on just about any topic you can imagine. You choose a topic, they connect you with someone else who at that very moment has also chosen that topic (there is always someone, amazingly enough) and you both answer the six multiple choice questions. The one who gets the most correct answers wins. Game over. On to the next topic and set of questions. It’s kinda mind blowing. And fun. 

Anyway, they did that:



And bonus: they won 5-4 (the baseball game, that is). Not elegantly… Peter had one of Davis’ two errors (his was costly)… but it was a fun and gorgeous day for baseball.