Not Baseball

June 26, 2014

Okay, I actually have another favorite sport besides baseball. My sport. My real sport, the one that defined me through high school and part of college. While I never got quite this far–to the US Track and Field Championships–I have accomplishments and medals I’m pretty damn proud of.  Yay 14 to 23 year-old me!


Here are some shots from today’s opening day of the four-day meet, held at the newly upgraded, state-of-the-art track in Hornet Stadium, Sac State (so, so nice).


We got there just as the 800 heats were starting. This is a very pregnant (34 weeks) Alysia Montano. She’s the five-time national 800m champion and was not expected to win, but it’s cool she ran:


This is what she looks like when she’s winning championship races (found on interwebs):



Here is the rest of the pack, far ahead of Alysia.



Then we (Madeline B and myself) left our spot at the finish line (great seats) and wandered across the field to watch the women triple jumpers. We found some empty seats in the jumping coach’s section, and realized we were sitting among coaches, teammates and friends of the jumpers, which made for a pretty intimate community around us… fun. Here one shot (of many) that I took. The best of the women were getting about 44-45 feet.  Such an awkward event, but fascinating. Hat’s off to these guys!


Meanwhile, lots of races were going on.. all first-round heats for races that will be decided later in the meet. Besides the 800m, we saw some 1500m heats, some 400m and 100m heats (nice!) and the women’s 3000m steeple chase.

The men’s and women’s 100m was probably the highlight for me. Women were running in the 11.3 to 11.9 range. I will have to look up my 100m times at UCD, but I thought it was in the mid to high 12s… like 12.7 maybe?  I’m so bad at meter times, since my track events for most of my years were measured in yards.

Here are some shots of the 100m:

Pre-race concentration. This is Allyson Felix who won gold in the 2012 Olympics in the 200m (my favorite race).  She’s won three gold medals so far and seems to be going strong. I’m pretty sure she qualified to move on.


Another woman stretching… or chilling (I think it’s Alexandra Anderson):



Here they are in blocks:


I missed the best part of this race, but like the picture anyway because MUSCLES.



Here are some guys… not sure who, but watching sprinters back into their blocks is always a huge thrill.. much adrenaline for me:



Some 100m sprinter, pre-race (yes, that’s Spider Man-wear):


And, as we were walking out (and talking to Desmond J, whom we saw in the bleachers!), caught a little of the women’s 3000m steeple chase:


Will miss the rest of the meet, but was so glad to have seen a few hours of it.  Great, great energy.