Grey is The New Blonde

June 12, 2014






Yes, as a matter of fact, that is a shot of my hair. Had about 6″ cut off today.  That Carrie does an amazing job of turning my hair into something it is not: straight, shiny and swingy. Felt just like Barbie’s little sister Skipper walking out of the salon this afternoon.

But here’s what I learned today: The reason my hair’s been wavy and oh-so-uncooperative lately?  Very uncharacteristically wavy, and so difficult to handle I’ve been avoiding even brushing it for the last four to five months because it’s too tangly, too frizzy, too matted, too weird? Well….. it seems I now have a critical mass of grey hair. There are so many of them, they’ve actually changed the texture and character of my hair. I’ve reached the point of no return; my hair is forever changed. I have officially entered the grey portion of the program.

Above, it doesn’t really look that grey, but it actually is. I have a few options to consider going forward…


As big as this seems, the really big news of the day, of course, is that school’s out.  Also out is Peter, from under the dark and ever-present homework cloud. (Not that he ever seems burdened by it… I think I suffer far more under that cloud.)  The last day of school is such a fantastic and magical threshold; I saw it in his whole being when we met briefly at the house between his various after school celebrations this afternoon. He is a happy, liberated kid with a long summer of sleepovers, baseball, backpacking and driving ahead of him.

Kind of impressively, his grades are already finalized and up on School Loop and it looks like he just may have avoided his first-ever high school C. But only by the thinest skin of his teeth. Hope he learned something from that and has a plan for avoiding his flagging attention span come next spring. Sure…

Downtown was bursting this afternoon with early-released high school and junior high school kids everywhere. UCD students were also everywhere, so many of whom were leading visiting parents through the streets, into and out of restaurants, etc. Saw a big cluster of students walking down our street carrying graduation robes on hangers. It’s all such an exciting scene. As I write this, (11:45pm), live rock and roll is thumping loudly next door as Anna, her many friends, and tons of out-of-town family members are all dancing and celebrating her PhD.

So end-of-school is the clear theme for the day, but I only got a picture of my hair… so a hair lead it was.