Men at Work

June 21, 2014

Men at Work:

Post game field care. This always warms my heart… mostly because we can’t really get Peter to do much in the way of manual labor at home…. or, I should say, we haven’t demanded it of him.  But the coaches do.  And he complies. Reasonably happily.


Men Working Things Out.

Peter and Solly, rakes in hand, gave third base a good work over. They were deep in conversation the whole time. Working it out.


Which reminds me of one of my all-time favorite New Yorker cartoons:



(And man, don’t you just love the internet? I saw this in a New Yorker magazine about 30 years ago. I loved it. I cut it out. I kept it. It’s somewhere. I went to Google, typed “Men Working Things Out”, New Yorker cartoon, and up this popped, #1. Saved image to my desktop and uploaded to WordPress. All in about 20 seconds. Kuh razy.)