Blogging on a Monday

June 9, 2014



All I’ve got is a food shot. It was either that or a report on my dentist appointment. It wasn’t much of a blog-worthy day.

At least the food at the Magpie Cafe is picturesque.

Since I’ve over-stylized the photo and cross-filtered it to ridiculous, gunked-up effect, you can’t tell what I ate, so I’ll tell you: Smoked trout, Meyer lemons, capers, dill and cream cheese on a toasted wheat baguette. On top of some interesting greens. Iced tea. For dessert: god…this avocado, chocolate mousse thing, which was a bit insane. Plus, as if more was needed, a ginger molasses cookie. Coffee.

That’s Susan over there. She is enjoying, though maybe not as much as I enjoyed my trout, a lemon chicken salad. With toast.

Conversation, as usual, was excellent.

Regarding the other, my night guard is showing a nice wear pattern.  Dr. Shempp is satisfied.