June 27, 2014

Beautiful Fresno. What makes it beautiful is its view of the Sierra and its proximity to Yosemite… certainly not its miles and miles of urban sprawl in an endless grid configuration and strip malls on every block.  None of that matters, as this trip is more about the experience of playing here with the Davis varsity team in this elite annual high school tourney–the Buchanan Tournament. I won’t say much more about it since Peter won’t be playing until Sunday, but he’s getting some good dugout and social time.  So far, so fun. 

A few photos to post ..

Nice shot of the sky as we took off this morning:



A mediocre shot of the Old Spaghetti Factory dinner crowd:




A baseball cake for the Walker twins, who turned 17 today!



Nice to know the boys haven’t outgrown the excitement of a birthday cake.