No Time

June 1, 2014

This is what I wanted to do today:




This is the hammock, now set up in the backyard, all ready for a long summer of gentle swaying and reading and dozing and listening to music on one device or another. I took this photo last week when trying out the new set up.  The white is a golfer’s umbrella I rigged for shade, and that was the view.  Sweet.  it’s exactly what i wanted to do with most of my day (and go to an art show, and make calls for Joe Krovoza’s campaign, and have a long leisurely conversation with my mom about the French Open, and knock out some laundry… none of which I did.  None.)

This is what I did….


… watched my son pitch. That’s him on the bump.

Now, you know that’s my favorite activity of all time–baseball, Peter, a nice day. And today was a bonus because it was a double header against a reputedly good team from the East Bay. But I didn’t think I’d be camped out in the DHS announcer’s booth for seven hours, give or take. The second game (not the one he pitched in) was a barn burner. Davis got off to a very rocky start, giving up 6 runs in the first inning and 4 more in the second to trail 10-2 after an inning and a half. But then we started throwing up runs (6 in the bottom of the second, another 6 in the fourth, 5 in the fifth…. yeah… it was that kind of circus) and my, but it went on and on and on and on, and in the end, we won 19-12, AND for most of the game, Peter was at first, for something completely different.

So.. you know.

It was baseball, it was Peter and it was a nice day…  I was happy.

But, I have to ask myself, where does the time go? I had hammock on my mind, like I did all week long, and the time to lie in the hammock just simply did not materialize.

Which I don’t get.  I am not a busy person.

Here it is almost 11pm and I still need to clean up dinner, try to do some laundry, get a call into my mom, take a shower (I did manage a workout)….

Sorry about the to-do list. But where does the time go?