Fun and Frivolous

June 6, 2014

This lands squarely in the fun and frivolous category.  

As mentioned here, I was pleasantly ambling up Canyon Road in Santa Fe, a mile-long stretch of gently curving road, along which are some of New Mexico’s finest art galleries and boutiques, and came upon a small store jammed full of eclectic, arty, decorative housewares and accessories.  They had some crafty furniture pieces, colorful rugs, stunning wall hangings, and just the coolest southwestern folk art.  A feast. 

I’d have missed the whole store, but Carrie waved me over, thinking I’d like this woman’s stuff. She (Leslie Flynt) carries this artisan furniture by a guy (from Texas, I believe) named David Marsh, and when I saw it, it was love. 

So… you know… cutting to the chase: I took some pictures, left my name, posted photos to Facebook, talked to Jim when I got home.. and the rest is.. obvious…   

Here is a photo of our new nightstand.




It is so beautifully and lovingly made. The detail’s fabulous and the hardware is perfect. 

I didn’t expect to see this when I unpacked it…


It’s a good thing the table’s going up against a wall, huh?  I thought it was sort of sweet and different; it was like the artist signing his work, but ballsy, too…. like, what if we hadn’t really appreciated all that graffiti?!

Hippie artists. 

Finally, here it is in its new habitat.  


Do ya LOVE it!!?

I am sure going to love seeing it everyday.  I have now a small handful of furniture pieces in the house that I truly adore and get great, great pleasure out of looking at (the kitchen hutch, a table in the living room, our dresser, our bed), and now this one.. which might go right to the top of the list.  I’m sure it’s not for everyone!  But I love it. Heck, Jim even likes it!  (A little unexpected, but, score!) 

It was super fun and frivolous, to find and then actually bite on this thing. Nothing on Canyon Road is cheap (or probably worth what you pay for it), but I trusted my aesthetic, and I’m really glad I did. 

Fortunately, perhaps, it doesn’t happen that often.