Insomni uh oh..

June 13, 2014



I can probably count the number of times I’ve had insomnia in my life… probably on one hand. But I had it last night.. er tonight.  Whatever.  Insomnia is not one of my issues… unless I have something I need to be alert for, and I get nervous I might not get enough sleep the night before.

I really had no reason to be nervous exactlybut having signed up to work this year’s Grad Night, and having signed up for the 1:15am to 5:15am shift, I felt like I should try to get some sleep during the day. Problem is, I’m not a napper either. I want to be… just have had no success doing it. Ever.

Anyway, tried to nap. Nothing. Then tried to just go to bed early.. and lay there wide awake from about 9pm until the time I’d determined was get-up-time. Nothing.

But… it turned out to be not an issue..  got dressed (was supposed to show up in 50’s attire… hmmm), drove over to Emerson, parked way far away, was directed to the parent volunteer check-in (wow), was directed to my station (I was a carnival game barker, located outside in an area traditionally staffed by the sophomore parents), got my instructions, and settled in. I was at first hyper-stimulated by the whole grad night scene. This was sufficient to stay alert-enough to do my job for a couple hours. Then just cruised sleepily, but adequately, through the next two.  Nobody was the wiser.

Grad night’s interesting. I think, for the most part, it’s a great thing. Provides an alcohol-free place for many hundreds of graduating seniors to party and celebrate. The community and parents totally rally on this, raising a couple/three hundred thousand dollars (really) to support the event. At least dozens of parents spend most of the year in preparation, and many hundreds help on the night itself; it’s an impressive operation and a community institution. I think it’s both about the kids and the parents, frankly. But I’m new at this.

I will choose a different shift next time.. not sure what, but having the exposure now, I can see there are far better roles to play.

Here are a few pics of the Grad Night–all terrible quality photos, but gives a sense of the scene:

The carnival area had three games. Mine was the hit-catapult-with-mallet-and-send-crab-or-lobster-flying-into-pot game.  Prizes escalate in value the more crustaceans you successfully land in the pot. More often than not, the head of the mallet flew wildly, and I’m surprised the catapult thingie lasted the night. The rules changed throughout, a la Calvin Ball, and pretty soon prizes were handed out for just showing up. Whatever, huh?



Then there was a shark thing (modified as the mechanism failed), and a frisbee toss thing that was pretty damn near impossible to achieve. Still, prizes were had.


After the kids had all left, and as the sun was coming out, I walked around a took a couple pictures:

The bathroom decorations are traditionally a big deal. This one (the only one I saw) was pretty impressive.. a roaring 20s theme:


This was the casino floor, set up in the multipurpose room:


This is the kindergarten wall.  A committee of six parents spent a good part of the year crafting this. One parent said she had spent at least 100 hours alone making her 3-4 buildings.  There were maybe 10-12 such buildings representing future “destinations” for the graduates:


A western sort of theme was in the courtyard.. these are life-sized buildings, but propped up with 2x4s behind, kinda like a movie set:



And finally, the full moon setting over the dance floor, also in the courtyard (full moon AND Friday the 13th):