Mom’ s Not Feeling So Good

June 23, 2014



Mom isn’t feeling well and we’re all a little worried. Her COPD’s been in a steady state for a few good years now… little ups and downs, but mostly she’s able, through medication, to keep all her systems in balance… a very, very delicate balance.  But, if she gets a bug, it’s a big deal because that throws things off. She’s got the constitution of… I don’t know what… but she’s amazingly strong. Over her lifetime, she just never got sick.  I’m not kidding, she’s got an amazing immune system. I always say that had she not smoked, she’d have lived to be 110. I have no doubt.

So, yeah, she’s got a bug of some sort and it’s hit her hard. Her weakness is scaring her and she’s feeling down and defeated. But, she’s a strong and feisty one, and I’m guessing she’ll get to the other side of this latest bout. 

I am grateful for Matty and Chris who are handing things locally, as I sit here 425 miles away unable to do much, and Jay’s in Thailand able to do even less. 

So… this picture. I don’t think it’s mine… I think it may be one Jay took on his last visit. I can see it’s taken on the beach in front of Aunt Ellie and Uncle Bud’s house, so was probably this past Spring, or maybe as long ago as last Fall.  Not bad for 85. Nobody would believe that’s her hair, but it is–still thick, still dyed. 

Anyway. Thinking about her a lot today.  Go mom, and don’t be sad! You can do this. 


2 Responses to “Mom’ s Not Feeling So Good”

  1. My mom is like that too, Kari. I can’t even remember her being sick until a few colds recently. Now her hip is giving her trouble and she is facing hip-replacement… a big deal. Anyhow… I am thinking good get-well thoughts for your mom!

  2. Teresa Cheyney Says:

    Hope your mom will feel better soon! There are some nasty bugs going around here as well. One is upper respiratory and the other is intestinal. Both layed Chad low for a few days each when he came down with them. I got the upper repiratory one but not the intestinal one. Hoping and praying all will be well with Ina!

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