June 25, 2014

I’m a little short on subject matter for the day, blogly speaking.  I could use a picture I took tonight at the annual Little League District 64 9-10 Tournament, at which I was a scorekeeper (no surprise), and how cool it was because, after all these years, they’ve built a deluxe, permanent booth for the scorekeepers and announcers behind the plate on the west field, but that would be a baseball picture, and I thought maybe I’d give it a rest.

Here it is anyway:


The real thing to notice about this shot is the size of those players.  Cute.  (That would be Dixon v. Vacaville Central… take you back?)

Instead, I’m going to run with a shot of Jim’s handiwork… the mount mentioned in yesterday’s post, the one he built out of a branch from the front yard sycamore tree, on which will hang Peter’s new guitar.

So… here is the before:


Here is the after, after relocating a couple mountain photos:



And here is a close-up.  Clever guy.


I realize it’s a bit hard to appreciate… the room was dark and boosting the light in my very sophisticated iPhone-based photo-editing program didn’t really help the image much.  But there it is.

And yeah, I really did just blog about a guitar mount.  Desperado here at twenty-to-midnight.


One Response to “Handiwork”

  1. Yes, that photo does take me back! So great they built a new booth. I’ve been over there a few times but not on that field so didn’t notice! I love Peter’s room and the guitar mount is awesome!

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