Healing Daze

January 18, 2015

I can’t let another day go by without a photo, but I don’t want to post yet another of my living room, even though that is where i spent the day.

So, I decided on this one. I’ll tell you why in a minute.


For the last two days, I’ve done nothing but sit. At least I’m in a chair by the fire with a cuppa tea going the whole time. But still, sitting. I am trying to heal what I believe is a torn ligament or maybe a tendon. So.. resting my hip, applying heat and ice alternately, and hoping it will resolve quickly. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done to my hip (or something in that region). I don’t want to go into it right now, just hoping I’ve made some progress in the right direction.

While down for the count, I’ve been blogging the missing eight days of Life of Wry 2014–the eight days that we were in Yosemite over the summer. It’s been a productive, if somewhat tedious, process: I have done five of the eight days and have only three to go before I can call 2014 a wrap. THEN I can do that Blog-to-Print thing which turns your blog into a nice, hardbound book, and then really be done with the year.

So, I’ve been deep into the photo archive, scrolling through hundreds and hundreds of photos taken over eight days of hiking–you must know, I take a lot of pictures–trying to choose the best ones to accompany my detailed narrative (sometimes overly detailed, I realize). I’ve also had my nose in my little hiking journal from the trip, as well as numerous of our hiking books, topo maps, and various online sources so that when I talk about a hike I get the distances and elevations and backstories all correct. Because I must. That’s why it’s a bit tedious to do eight days at once. And why it took about two and half years to finish the 21-day trek in Nepal (found in Life of Wry 2011).  (She takes her accounts seriously.)

Anyway… so.. it seemed appropriate or maybe a little twisted, to post a whispery cluster of summer clouds that gentled by while I lay on my back next to Peter in a high Sierra meadow along a wending fork of the Tuolumne River. It sure doesn’t get any nicer than that. Definitely lovely to think about on this foggy winter afternoon.

4 Responses to “Healing Daze”

  1. aquasoul Says:

    Sorry about your hip Kari. If I might make a suggestion, based on my experience, also with a hip issue a few years ago. Try doing ICE ONLY. Leave out the heat. Unless one of your professionals told you otherwise. The heat can make it worse.

  2. aquasoul Says:

    Another thought Kari…I wonder also if it might be worthwhile to see if your lower back is out of alignment, since the injury has been plaguing you for awhile. I can highly recommend Dr. Vo at Physical Edge 753-9011. They take insurance (and have some good physical therapists there too, although PT would be my last resort). Dr. Vo is a youngish chiropractor who is very thorough and into current thinking on treating injuries etc.

    • Kari Says:

      Thank you for both of these thoughts. Will take under advisement. Re: the heat, yeah, it’s Hideshi at Fitness Garage, whom I trust b/c he’s been the one who’s healed past injuries when nobody else did. He likes heat on ligaments to keep them warm and loose. He’s definitely all about blood flow. But I swear, the heat/ice thing is the source of much confusion in my little injured world. I’m told both with compelling authority and both make sense. So I alternate.

      The maybe good news is that there has been nice progress in the last few days. I was despondent on Friday, I am encouraged today. 🙂

      • Adele Says:

        I’m glad to hear that you’re encouraged! It’s probably really hard to “show up” (i.e., take action) when rest is required. Hate that. But loved your post.
        The heat and ice thing has often confused me too. My chiro Dr. Vo says….ice with a new injury, heat with a chronic situation (as in…months lingering). The truest test, IMO, is to try it out. When I had my hip thing, I noticed it felt really good to be ON the heat, but afterward, I could walk even less well and it hurt more. So that’s when I knew it was worsening the inflammation. Whereas ice didn’t do that (even though it’s less pleasant to put it on at first). So when I switched to just ice, there was rapidfire improvement, within hours actually. Ice can be used 10 minutes every hour, but my freezer couldn’t go that fast, so I did every 2 hours.

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