The reason for the trip south was to celebrate Jim’s dad’s 90th birthday, which was officially on Tuesday the 6th. Peter and I had to leave on Monday, however, because school was starting up again, so missed the main event. Jim stayed back so he and his siblings could be with their dad and together celebrate his birthday. Jim flew back today. I was able to upload his photos this evening, so am sharing them now.

Tuesday night at a downtown La Jolla restaurant, Manhattan, Jim Sr. presiding:


Back to the house for cake–a chocolate carmel cake layered with mousse and pecans. There was singing and other protocol… cards, presents, proclamations (I will provide a copy of the proclamation soon!).

Here are Jim and Elisa planning the cake attack..



This is what I can say about my father-in-law: He is one of eleven children all born in the same house in Lawrence, Kansas. He fought in WWII, an experience that I think really shaped and defined him. He is sharp, knowledgable, informed and quick-witted. He is a man of stories–has hundreds of them at the ready, able to pull out as needed, which is always–and a man of books, reading constantly. He loves to cook, he walks daily, and is thoughtful about his health. He is handy, skilled with tools, and resourceful; he taught Jim to build and fix just about anything. He still does crazy stuff like laying floor tiles and building garden terraces (or whatever); he is slowing down just a bit, but not entirely willingly. Besides a formidable mind, I’ve always been impressed by his skin (I know.. but it’s beautiful and clear). He has been married to Elisa, his second wife, for over 30 years, whom he married after Jim’s mom died. He is very, very sentimental.

And for goodness sakes, he’s still driving!

It was extremely meaningful to him to have his three kids join him in celebration on his birthday!