Housekeeping II

January 17, 2015

So yesterday, with not a shred of fanfare, I announced what my intention was for my blog in 2015. I said then–a whole day ago–that I planned to continue to write a blog a day but that this year, it would be okay to write nothing on a given day, if, in fact, I had nothing to say. I emphasized that my default would be to write daily, but there may be a day here or there when, absent a theme or topic or event or something/anything, it was okay to forgo writing.

I have rethought this.

All the writing people tell you that in order to write you have to write. Daily. It’s all about the discipline. I know me; if I am not bound by a big fat rule to write daily, I won’t, which is why I didn’t write but a few times in 2012 and 2013. I’d done a daily blog in 2011 and never missed a day. Even if I had the occasional nothing-to-say day and rambled stream-of-conscious-style until something materialized. For the next two years, I said to myself write when you really have something to say. So I never did; it was easier not to. Duh.

So, this year? Nothing to say? Sit down anyway, put fingers to keys and tease something out. I decided that writing daily is not only the default, it’s the requirement. I decided that if I truly have nothing, I will write on the discipline of writing, or some other aspect of writing. For example.

And why is writing a daily blog important? I think it’s because for me writing a blog is kind of a placeholder until such time as I decide exactly what I really want to write. I am not really sure.. just yet.. maybe it’s a short story, or maybe it’s a set of character studies in preparation for a novel, maybe it’s a novel (how novel), maybe it’s a memoir.  Or maybe it’s an ongoing family journal (with awesome photos, if I do say so myself) that gets handsomely bound, sits with the other handsomely bound editions on the shelf, and ultimately gets passed down to Peter and his future family.

Let me go back to that last one: so maybe this blog IS my writing. I mean, I’m writing, right? And I mostly love it. This kind of writing happens not to be too hard because it’s simply what happened on a given day or on a given vacation. It doesn’t require any creativity–not book writing creativity, that is–I don’t have to think about plots or do research or become an expert in some aspect of my main character’s life.. or whatever. Glorified journaling, it turns out, is easy peasy. And it’s writing. And I think I’m reasonably okay at it. I know I’m happy with the way I tell our family story.

And, it also satisfies my other love (some might call it an obsession): documentation. I have this need to leave a record of my life, to provide a record for Peter, something of myself to live on in some small way. It’s about the only legacy I’m likely to have since I’m not going to invent something, or win an Oscar, or set an amazing sports record, or be famous in any obvious way. (Not becoming famous is fine, by the way. I don’t need that in the least; I quite enjoy living my sweet little life under the radar. I’m not egoless, I’m just not Mitt Romney, who, in case you haven’t heard, has all but announced a third bid for President.. poor guy.. Just.Can’t.Let.It.Go. Mitt Ijustwannabepresident Romney apparently has legacy issues. Wonder if he’s thought about a daily blog.)

Anyway..where was I?  Ah, right, the discipline of daily writing….


Oh, and there was no picture today…which… that is okay. They’re making me write, but if I haven’t got a photo, that’ll have to be okay. That will be my nod to mixing it up in 2015.